A podcast bringing clarity to commonly
misunderstood business jargon.

Jar(gone) provides a fresh, thought-provoking point of view on what other consultants are pitching and the jargon they toss around. We hear terms like robotic process automation, blockchain, corporate performance management, big data, enterprise risk management—what do these mean? And how are companies really integrating their ERP systems, managing mergers and acquisitions, and getting value out of their controls? Listen in.


Making Cost Cutting Stick

At some point, every company will be faced with pressure to cut costs. In this episode, Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell discuss how traditional top-down cost-cutting measures don’t work and why a two-pronged approach is better. A combined top-down and bottom-up approach to cost reduction is a path to sustainable reductions with the highest return. 

Why Wait? Cut Costs Now

Cutting costs isn’t fun or easy, but companies that grab the bull by the horns will see the most success. In this episode, Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell share how to proactively cut costs and do better with what you have.

The State of E&P Systems

E&P companies have unique complexities, and tracking work processes is no easy task. Today’s E&P companies have to navigate through a maze of technology solutions to find the best fit. In this episode, Bill Aimone and Katy Wyrick share their direct experience selecting and implementing E&P business solutions and provide an independent perspective of what’s working today.


What’s all the buzz around blockchain? If you aren’t considering blockchain, you’re losing ground and not optimizing  revenue… right? Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell discuss the facts and myths around blockchain and how it can impact your business.

Change Management

People don’t usually adjust well to changes in the workplace, but companies can’t grow if they don’t change. How do you get your people to do their job differently and not revert back to old habits? Change management of course! Listen as we share a practical and realistic approach to fostering a culture of change.

Human Resources as a Crutch

Many small to medium-sized companies imitate Fortune 500 companies by using their HR departments as a crutch to complete initiatives that should be handled by other departments or outsourced completely. Listen to our discussion of the areas in which companies rely too heavily on HR and who should really be responsible for leading these efforts.

Oilfield Services Merger Integration

With oil prices up, many oilfield services companies are looking to grow through acquisitions. Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell discuss the common struggles companies face as they take this approach. Listen to find out how a company can effectively grow without spending a ton of money on the integration.

Get IT Right

You can’t run a business without Information Technology (IT) and most business owners take a traditional approach because they don’t know their options. Businesses have an opportunity to re-capture lost revenue and improve productivity by getting IT right. IT Strategist and Trenegy Co-Founder, Peter Purcell, shares how business owners can eliminate the traditional IT support.

Cybersecurity Reality Check

The traditional methods for preventing cyberattacks are not working and corporations are spending millions. Leading companies are taking a different approach toward threat prevention by focusing on the people side of the equation. IT strategist and Trenegy co-founder, Peter Purcell, shares how corporations are taking proactive measures to successfully prevent cyberattacks.

Future of the Finance Organization

Modern technology platforms are quickly reshaping commerce, talent acquisition, and knowledge sharing. Technology crowdsourcing and multi-sided platforms have changed consumer behavior and are changing corporate organizational behavior, dramatically transforming how corporations operate.

4 Myths About IT Support Services

Is your company’s IT support slowing you down? Do you feel stuck or trapped with your current IT support provider? Bill Aimone, co-founder and Managing Director of Trenegy, shares four common myths most companies believe about IT support services.

The Discussion Continues in Our Book

In Jar(gone), Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell clarify the buzzwords currently plaguing the consulting world.

What are actionable analytics? Why is change management necessary? What is value stream mapping? In simple language, Jar(gone) answers these questions and more, providing clear explanations for commonly misunderstood business concepts. With expertise, wit, and straight talk, Jar(gone) will help you understand what buzzwords really mean and more importantly, what they don’t.


“I’m glad to see the Trenegy consultants debunking business buzzwords instead of adding more just to make themselves look innovative.”

– Chris Robbins, Chief Financial and Accounting Officer at USD Group LLC

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