The State of the ERP

February 2022

Widespread use and development of the ERP as we know it today—a multi-functional, integrated, company-wide system of record—boomed in the 1990s. Since then, many companies have kept those same base systems, simply upgrading, patching, and bolting on more capabilities.

Today, nearly 25 years later, organizations are finding that ERPs have advanced to such a degree that patches and bolt-ons may no longer be enough. After all this time, their systems have been so customized they can no longer be supported or upgraded to house modern tools.

ERP systems have evolved, and we’re seeing the full development of once cutting-edge technologies, increased demand for integrated, real-time data transmission, and automated compliance capabilities.

Oil & Gas Services Annual Review

January 2022

The oil and gas service industry supports 80% of US energy needs. Unfortunately, oil and gas service companies are often under scrutiny. Social developments such as climate change studies and renewable energy activism are steering large portions of the investment community away. While capital dwindles, OGS companies rely on pure grit and intestinal fortitude to survive the push to minimize oil and gas production.

OGS companies continue to innovate to improve drilling and production techniques, increase access to fossil fuels, produce at lower costs, and significantly reduce negative environmental impacts. In this analysis, we recognize seven companies who are doing just that and are positioned for a successful 2022.

Also included are market projections for offshore and onshore operations and political developments that could affect the industry in 2022 and beyond.

Tools for Supporting a Remote Workforce

July 2020

2020 is turning out to be the year of working from home. Companies without experience managing remote workforces may have no choice but to adopt the work-from-home (WFH) model and are challenged to keep employees productive. The tools chosen over a period of days in February or March of this year might not be the right tools to support employees in the long run. Therefore, we would like to share our assessment of the major options.

New tools for remote workforces are released all the time, so our team evaluates offerings and adjusts our portfolio of tools on a regular basis. There are many more tools than our assessment includes, but we have tried to highlight the ones most commonly used. We will also share what we have chosen to use and why.

Exploration & Production Business Systems

September 2021

E&P companies have unique complexities. Tracking work processes is no simple task, particularly for E&P companies that operate thousands of wells in various basins.

Technology solution providers have developed business systems to automate and integrate the operational and business processes for E&P companies. A few technology companies have attempted to build end-to-end solutions, but contrary to what a technology salesperson might tell you, none have built a true end-to-end solution that meets the complex requirements of most E&P companies. Therefore, E&P companies are resorting to purchasing add-on solutions.

E&P companies are left to navigate through a maze of products. The purpose of this handbook is to clear the muddy waters and provide an independent perspective of the current state of E&P business systems. Our perspective is based on our direct experience selecting and implementing E&P business solutions and feedback we have received from other E&P companies.

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