July, 9, 2019 – Houston, TX – Trenegy Incorporated, the Houston-based management consulting firm, announced today their partnership with Acumatica, a global cloud ERP solution. In addition to their current service offerings, Trenegy will be a part of the Acumatica Partner Program, guiding organizations in the evaluation and implementation of the Acumatica ERP.

Trenegy has a proven track record of helping companies successfully select and implement enterprise level ERPs like Oracle, SAP, and IFS. However, they found that rapidly growing midmarket companies have been challenged by a lack of robust, cost effective ERP options. Peter Purcell, Managing Director at Trenegy, says, “Midmarket companies don’t need a system with the complexity required by a billion-dollar enterprise, but they do need an ERP that can functionally support company needs. We have found that in Acumatica.”

The Acumatica Partner Program allows companies like Trenegy to help small to mid-sized organizations find the powerful ERP functionality and flexible technology they need to thrive. Trenegy clients are accelerating their businesses with Acumatica’s true cloud ERP.

Nicole Higle, Senior Manager at Trenegy, says, “Our clients are maximizing value with on-time and on-budget Acumatica Cloud ERP implementations. By incorporating robust data models and leading practices, we enable companies to focus on what they do best and be as efficient as possible.” Trenegy’s talented team of Acumatica professionals help rapidly-growing companies to automate supply chain, manufacturing, field service, billing, distribution, and accounting processes.

The Acumatica solution stands out to the Trenegy team for many reasons, a few of which are below:

  • It was born in the cloud but works everywhere. Software can run in the Acumatica cloud, on a server in house, on a server in a data center, or within a private cloud.
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use with robust, customizable online help for every feature and function. Acumatica’s online training enables customers to use the evaluation environment within minutes—not hours or days.
  • It has a robust portfolio of certified bolt-ons (ISVs) supporting unique requirements for functions like tool rental, field ticketing, production planning, recipe management, and logistics.
  • It offers consumption-based pricing, which allows companies to grow without incurring significant increased software cost. Acumatica does not license based the number of end users.

Trenegy is proud to be an Acumatica Partner. The firm will continue to provide neutral, fit-for-purpose support for enterprise level selections and implementations (Oracle, SAP, Infor, and IFS). Their goal remains the same—to help companies across the spectrum gain value from on-time, on-budget ERP investments.

Learn more about Acumatica here.

About Trenegy

Trenegy is a Houston-based management consulting firm co-founded by former Big Four partners. Trenegy’s mission is to eliminate inefficiencies through non-traditional consulting. In addition to their Acumatica partnership, the Trenegy team specializes in guiding companies through acquisitions, system selections and implementations, and financial transformation. Contact us for a free consultation at info@trenegy.com.

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