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Among a myriad of tools, we have found Power BI from Microsoft to best combine data into useful information. We have seen many clients achieve success with this easy-to-use, cost effective, and flexible tool.

Ease of Use

Easy-to-use tools are more effective due to quick adoption. We have seen clients with no prior IT experience learn Power BI within a few days.

Power BI provides an Excel-like interface and functionality, allowing users to work with what is familiar. Drag-and-drop functionality allows users to make reports easily. Best, extracting information from commercially available ERP systems is no longer a multi-year IT project. Microsoft has created standard interfaces so data can be extracted from a variety of sources.


Traditional BI solutions are costly to implement and support. External consultants are required to configure the software and end users constantly need training. Power BI offers a free version with extensive online training to eliminate the need for a consultant. A license is only required if users share dashboards or distribute reports.


Reporting tools typically cannot be easily modified as business needs change. Power BI allows users to quickly change a data model anytime the data structure changes. Reports can be easily manipulated in a matter of minutes to match business needs. The speed and frequency at which data can be loaded is up to the user, making reports more timely and accurate.

Trenegy does not have any interest in Microsoft. Our recommendation simply stems from our assessment and our experience with clients that have successfully implemented Power BI in a self-taught environment. As we aim to eliminate inefficiencies in companies, we believe Power BI is an excellent option to streamline reporting and drive results.

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