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We keep hearing the term “business operating system” tossed around. It doesn’t mean what it sounds like (i.e. it doesn’t have to do with computers or software). Put simply, it’s how you operate consistently as a company while adhering to the overall mission, vision, and strategy of the organization. You may have previously heard this called “company management systems” or “operating model” as the jargon has evolved over the years.

People have overcomplicated the concept, so we’re here to put it in plain language. What’s the value of a business operating system? How do you implement a business operating system? How do you maintain it? We discuss all this and share the tools we’ve used to help our clients implement a business operating system that works.



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In JAR(GONE), authors of Trenegy clarify the buzzwords currently plaguing the consulting world.

What are Actionable Analytics? Why is Change Management necessary? What is Value Stream Mapping? In simple language, JAR(GONE) answers these questions and provides a clear explanation to several commonly misunderstood business concepts. With expertise, wit, and straight talk, JAR(GONE) will help you understand what the buzzwords really mean, and more importantly, what they don’t.


“I am glad to see the Trenegy consultants debunking business buzzwords instead of adding more just to make themselves look innovative.”

— Chris Robbins, Chief Financial and Accounting Officer, USD Group LLC.



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