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If you’re going to invest time and money implementing a new ERP, you want to do it right. One of the biggest challenges organizations face during an ERP implementation is determining how to divide responsibilities among Finance, IT, and Operations (i.e who does what, who owns what, and who is accountable for what). We’ve seen organizations approach structuring and ERP implementation team in a number of different ways. In this episode, Bill Aimone and Peter Purcell discuss the approach that has helped organizations see the most success.


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In JAR(GONE), authors of Trenegy clarify the buzzwords currently plaguing the consulting world.

What are Actionable Analytics? Why is Change Management necessary? What is Value Stream Mapping? In simple language, JAR(GONE) answers these questions and provides a clear explanation to several commonly misunderstood business concepts. With expertise, wit, and straight talk, JAR(GONE) will help you understand what the buzzwords really mean, and more importantly, what they don’t.


“I am glad to see the Trenegy consultants debunking business buzzwords instead of adding more just to make themselves look innovative.”

— Chris Robbins, Chief Financial and Accounting Officer, USD Group LLC.



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