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There are some critical components when implementing AI in your organization. The general process isn’t all that different than implementing an ERP system or other type of software. It’s important to develop a strategy to obtain the maximum value out of this transformative technology. Below are some of the critical components to account for in your AI implementation plan. 

Define Objectives & Understand Business Requirements 

Determine which problems the AI tool will solve and how it will solve them. Don’t just implement AI for the sake of AI. It’s important to define where and how AI will provide real value to your organization. This involves mapping out current and desired future-state processes to find inefficiencies and understand where AI fits in. 

Turn general ideas into specifics. In doing so, you will eliminate confusion and establish a clearer vision. With a clear vision, it’s easier to create buy-in.  

Align the Organization 

Everyone should understand why AI is being implemented, why it’s beneficial, and how it will create efficiency. Change of any kind can be challenging, so it’s important to garner support early on.  

Aligning the organization also includes identifying who is responsible for each process impacted by AI and who will be responsible for maintaining the new technology going forward.  

Additionally, an implementation team will be vital for project success. Involve the people who have the right skills, will champion the new technology, and are committed to seeing the implementation through to completion. 

Select the Right Tool 

If several options are on the table, here are a few steps to narrow down your list.  

  1. Create requirements based on the business objectives for the new AI tool. 
  2. Leverage the requirements to perform research to identify and short list companies that provide tools supporting the requirements. Hint—use ChatGPT to help you here.  
  3. Request demos and ask for the companies to provide a clear understanding of functionality, cost, support model, and product development cycles.  
  4. Request references because AI is still relatively new, so certain products might be readily available but still in the testing phase. 
  5. Involve the right people who have valuable insight. Expanding involvement from team members can often plug holes and confirm whether or not the new tool will support the organization’s requirements and eliminate inefficiency.  
  6. Evaluate long-term value. Consider if and how the tool will be used in the next year and beyond. Is it scalable? Are the expected benefits worth the investment? 

Find an Implementation Partner 

It’s important to consider teaming with an implementation partner when adopting any new AI solution. Many companies have been in the AI space for a long time and know the ins and outs AI and how it functions in a variety of business environments. They are going to have in-depth knowledge on how to introduce such a powerful tool. They will know how to set boundaries, prioritize security, create buy in, and optimize your investment for the future. 

Rollout & Training 

Develop a plan for how you’ll roll out the new tool across the organization. When it’s time for rollout, provide role-specific, hands-on training to employees. Focus their training on how the AI relates to their role and how they’ll use it. Throughout training, encourage employees to share their feedback. Their insights can help identify areas that need additional focus or improvement. 

Establish Governance 

AI requires ongoing governance to monitor and maintain. It will need to be examined for accuracy on a regular basis to ensure it delivers correct, up-to-date information. It will also need to be examined for effectiveness and consistency to ensure that AI stays intelligent and isn’t misusing or misunderstanding information. We recommend establishing a regular schedule for maintenance and/or review. 

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