2020 Exploration & Production Business Systems Handbook

E&P companies have unique complexities. Tracking work processes is no simple task, particularly for E&P companies that operate thousands of wells in various basins.

Technology solution providers have developed business systems to automate and integrate the operational and business processes for E&P companies. A few technology companies have attempted to build end-to-end solutions, but contrary to what a technology salesperson might tell you, none have built a true end-to-end solution that meets the complex requirements of most E&P companies. Therefore, E&P companies are resorting to purchasing add-on solutions.

E&P companies are left to navigate through a maze of products. The purpose of this handbook is to clear the muddy waters and provide an independent perspective of the current state of E&P business systems. Our perspective is based on our direct experience selecting and implementing E&P business solutions and feedback we have received from other E&P companies.

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