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Trenegy believes there is no such thing as best practices that apply to every organization. See how we help companies implement simple, tailored and cost effective solutions for complex business problems.

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ERP Selection

Organizations often over-purchase when selecting, procuring and implementing software. As a result, many companies unnecessarily embark on painful and expensive software implementations, only to use less than ten percent of the features and functions.

Ultimately, inefficient processes become more inefficient—the result of buying the wrong software, choosing the wrong implementation partner or inadequately defining user requirements.

Trenegy makes ERP selection and implementation as painless as possible. We’ve heard the horror stories. In fact, we are often called in to help clients untangle an ERP mess resulting from a poor selection decision.

We help our clients:

  • Build a future-state process vision.
  • Select the right software and systems integrators.
  • Establish a realistic implementation approach and budget.
  • Communicate the business case to the Board.


"Trenegy’s friendly, professional and very capable team proved invaluable in helping with our ERP Selection." Mario Hernandez, CFO, Express Energy Services


ERP Implementation

Most companies view strong project management as the key to ERP implementation success. Yet project management alone rarely works. People quickly revert to old habits the minute a project is finished.

Many organizations have technically functional systems, but employees find the new systems and processes challenging. So they find ways to work around the new tools and processes. Change management failed. So did the expensive project.

Trenegy’s ERP implementation approach embodies PMI-compliant methods while ensuring change management is considered as a part of each task. Our teams work with clients throughout the ERP Implementation to build demand for change and help ensure the new processes and systems stick.

At the end of implementation, you will have:

  • A project that is completed on time and on budget.
  • A properly configured system.
  • Access to the critical reports you need to run your business.
  • Well-trained employees who consistently use the new ERP system.
  • A clear understanding of next steps.


“Trenegy’s expertise, professionalism, and specific experience in the oilfield service sector were absolutely critical in the selection, design, and implementation of our new system”. Jeff Smith, CFO, ProPetro Services


Organization and Process Alignment

In the energy industry, companies often grow through acquisition and integration. As a result, job roles are poorly defined or duplicated across multiple positions. The excess is reflected in inefficient business practices, organizational frustration and lack of agility.

Trenegy helps companies successfully realign for growth and profitability by simplifying the organizational structure, developing standardized processes and implementing new systems.

We help our clients:

  • Identify waste.
  • Reduce structural complexity.
  • Establish accountability.
  • Improve the quality and speed of decision-making.
  • Achieve a cost effective organization.


“They shared industry best practices, are easy to work with, and provided effective project and change management throughout the project.” – Robert Setzekorn, Vice President and General Manager, Merfish Pipe Supply


Acquisition Integration

On the surface, most acquisitions appear to be sound business decisions, generating rapid growth and economies of scale. However, most companies are moving so fast that the tactics of integrating the new entity are never fully executed.

The result? The acquisition fails to meet its financial objectives.

An acquisition presents big challenges in integrating people, processes and technology. A successful integration requires developing and executing against a robust acquisition playbook.

We help our clients:

  • Create a clearly defined integration strategy.
  • Communicate the integration plan consistently and effectively.
  • Define progress metrics.
  • Rationalize roles and responsibilities.
  • Integrate processes, data and applications.
  • Develop training.
  • Prepare for regulatory compliance.
  • Achieve efficiency and effectiveness as one organization.

“Trenegy’s professionalism and industry knowledge proved invaluable. The team members rolled up their sleeves and made the commitment to ensure a successful implementation.” Kristin Tatum, VP Finance, Kinder Morgan

Policy and Controls Implementation

Transitioning from a private company to a publicly traded company requires extensive policy and control changes.  As a part of an internal or external audit, the accounting firm identifies the key controls and weaknesses to address. This is the easy part.  The implementation of new policies and controls is where companies typically fall prey to material weaknesses.

Trenegy helps implement policies and controls for public companies or privately held companies who are preparing to go public.

We help our clients:

  • Design new processes to support new controls
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Prepare client staff for executing new policies and controls
  • Manage the implementation process
  • Integrate controls and policies with the existing ERP systems

“We could not have gotten there without Trenegy's intense commitment to the project.” VP Internal Audit, Breitburn Energy Partners