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Trenegy believes there is no such thing as best practices that apply to every organization. See how we help companies implement simple, tailored and cost effective solutions for complex business problems.

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ERP Selection

Organizations often "over-purchase" when selecting, procuring and implementing software to support day-to-day operations. Furthermore, organizations have unnecessarily embarked on painful and expensive software implementations, only to use less than 10% of the features and functions. Making matters worse, inefficient processes become more inefficient. This is often the result of buying the wrong software, choosing the wrong implementation partner and not taking into consideration the impacts on end users during the selection process.

Trenegy can help avoid the common software pitfalls. We help our clients 'short-list' the right software candidates, evaluate software vendors who team with implementation partners through the process, and select to a future state process vision that is realistic, efficient and effective. We work to ensure the implementation approach is realistic and will ensure success – on time and within budget.

In the end, Trenegy helps clients select, procure and implement software that will be properly used to support the organization in the most efficient and effective manner.

“Trenegy’s friendly, professional and very capable team proved invaluable in the ERP selection and integration process for our multi-company project, keeping us on track and within budget!” President, Oil Field Services Company


ERP Implementation

Most companies view strong project management as a key to ERP Implementation success. It is…. but not by itself. A recent study by the Gartner Group has shown that 99% of all process and systems projects that are perceived as failures are the direct result of bad or non-existent Change Management programs. A Trenegy survey of Oil & Gas organizations having implemented new systems confirms this finding. Many of these organizations have technically correct systems but employees find the new systems and processes challenging. Worse, they have figured out ways to work around the new tools and processes. Change Management failed.

There is an ‘art’ and ‘science’ to good change management. Most programs focus on the 'science' of getting people up the acceptance curve because the 'science' is the easy part. There are countless books focused on how to identify who is going to be impacted, how much will they be impacted and how to change performance measures to encourage new behaviors. In the end, the ‘science’ drives communications and training activities which are sporadic throughout the project. This pure 'science' rarely works.

People quickly revert to what they have been doing the minute the project is finished. Organizations often overlook the 'art' of Change Management. Trenegy has found that the 'art' of Change Management is more important than the 'science'. The 'art' focuses on the 'demand' for improvement which is used to drive Change Management activities. Our teams work with clients throughout the ERP Implementation to create demand for change and help ensure the new processes and systems 'stick'.

Trenegy’s ERP Implementation approach embodies PMI-compliant methods while ensuring change management is considered as a part of each task.

“Trenegy’s expertise, professionalism, and specific experience in the oilfield service sector were absolutely critical in the selection, design, and implementation of our new system”. Jeff Smith, CFO, ProPetro Services


Planning and Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting is typically associated with drudgery. Organizations struggle to develop a cohesive financial forecast and plan that both ties to the corporate objectives and is realistic. Organizations begin the planning process with the "1,000 spreadsheet march" and end up in a mire of miscalculations, misconceptions that make up a 'budget'. At the end of it all, management either ignores the numbers and goes about their business or will fight the numbers to the bitter end. Our belief is forecasting and planning should be a part of everyone's job, not just a side bar, onerous exercise to appease the executives.

Trenegy helps companies prioritize strategic objectives through simple actionable financial objectives. We work with our clients to simplify and integrate budgeting, forecasting and planning into 'one' process. The 'one' process is then integrated into the day-to-day activities performed by each employee. Individuals and teams can continuously look forward and collaborate across the organization. The collaboration allows the organization to quickly see where the company is going and make strategic adjustments to the go forward plan. These changes are quickly communicated and incorporated into the next planning cycle.

Trenegy helps companies create a simple, accurate, and continuous planning process that is consistent across the organization.

“Trenegy helped us implement a simple budgeting, planning and forecasting system that allows us to make the process as painless as possible. Our investors are happy”. Ian Denholm, Director of Finance, ProPetro Services


Organization and Process Alignment

Most large organizations are fat. Companies have grown through acquisition and integration of organizations where positions are rarely justified and aligned appropriately. Many corporate positions exist to merely hand off information between management layers. When leadership asks middle management for suggestions for trimming the organization, irrational responses occur. This comes in the form of protecting fiefdoms, creating 'make-work' and finger pointing. Making matters worse, executive leadership is reticent to second guess middle management for fear of upheaval or the unknown.

When times are tough, organization leaders have to almost randomly make organization cuts with little regard to address the organization's efficiency. As soon as times return to prosperity, the organization is back where it started. When organizations address imminent right-sizing efforts, they need to get rid of the work that goes along with the organizational fat.

Trenegy works with our clients to help design the right organization along with defining what processes need to be challenged.

“They shared industry best practices, are easy to work with, and provided effective project and change management throughout the project.” – Robert Setzekorn, Vice President and General Manager, Merfish Pipe Supply


Acquisition Integration

On the surface, most acquisitions appear to be sound business decisions generating rapid growth and economies of scale. In today’s environment most companies are moving so fast that the tactics of integrating the acquired entity following the acquisition are discussed but quickly forgotten. This results in failing to meet the financial objectives of the acquisition.

The acquired company’s high margins are a result of a more manageable size and small company shortcuts. The new parent company’s processes require more rigor which negatively impacts margins of the acquired company. The next challenge is whether to continue branding the acquired entity as a stand-alone portfolio company or integrate the brand. Other areas that need to be considered include organization design, retention, transition service agreements, customer base, culture, business processes and technology.

Post-merger integration issues need to be clearly planned and executed in an integration strategy. A successful integration requires developing and executing against a robust acquisition playbook. Trenegy helps our clients develop and integrate acquisition playbooks into the post-merger integration process. Our approach ensures complete integration and allows companies to enjoy the benefits of synergies associated with a fully integrated acquisition.

“Trenegy’s professionalism and industry knowledge proved invaluable. The team members rolled up their sleeves and made the commitment to ensure a successful implementation.” Kristin Tatum, VP Finance, Kinder Morgan