Trenegy Underwrites 2015 Energy Conference
On September 3, 2015


Trenegy underwrote the 2015 Energy Conference, featuring perspectives on emerging energy issues.

HOUSTON, Texas – August 31, 2015– Trenegy co-founders William (Bill) Aimone and Peter Purcell and Vice President of Finance and Administration Cathy Hilton participated in the Houston CPA Society’s Energy Conference, held August 25, 2015 at the Norris Conference Center.

Trenegy Managing Director Bill Aimone introduced keynote speaker Mark McCollum, executive vice president and chief integration officer at Halliburton.

Mr. McCollum leads the Joint Integration Team assembled by Halliburton and Baker Hughes in connection with Halliburton’s pending acquisition of Baker Hughes. He presented strategies to address the market, including cost control, protecting market position and living within cash flows.

Marshall Dodson, CFO of Key Energy Services, updated attendees on North American energy services. Mr. Dodson discussed the unprecedented pace of the falling rig count and stated that “service pricing for the industry has fallen to unsustainable levels.”

Tim Duncan, president and CEO of Talos Energy, and John Walker, CEO of EnerVest spoke on the E&P market.

“Trenegy makes it a priority to stay at the forefront of energy market news. This was a great opportunity to promote collaboration and continued learning in the industry,” says Trenegy Managing Director Peter Purcell.