Trenegy Successfully Planned and Implemented Disengagement for Pacific Coast Energy Company LP
On July 5, 2016


HOUSTON, Texas – July 5, 2016 – Effective July 1, 2016, Pacific Coast Energy Company LP (PCEC) disengaged from Breitburn Management Company (BMC) and is now a stand-alone company.  PCEC partnered with Trenegy Incorporated (“Trenegy”) a management consulting firm to support the planning and implementation of the disengagement process.  Trenegy worked closely with PCEC and BMC to support the transition of business processes to PCEC.  Disengagement allows PCEC to fully control its own destiny and its cost structure, which is particularly important in the current economic environment.

The joint Trenegy, BMC and PCEC project team reviewed all of PCEC’s policies, programs, systems, and staffing to ensure that PCEC can be successful operating on its own and PCEC is now ready to operate independently.   Randy Breitenbach, Chair and CEO of PCEC shared “I want to thank the PCEC Disengagement Project team and all of the functional experts from BMC, Orcutt, and West Pico for successfully achieving the July 1 deadline.  Randy further added “The team had a very short time to plan, execute and implement all aspects of the disengagement, making sure that every task and process had been covered.  The team has put PCEC in a position to move ahead with our business plans and all of us at PCEC thank them for their help.”

Pacific Coast Energy Company LP (PCEC) is one of the largest onshore oil and gas producers in Santa Barbara County, California. PCEC’s mission is to provide energy to the people of California through professional, safe and environmentally responsible operations.

Trenegy is a management consulting firm with global headquarters in Houston, Texas.  Trenegy’s mission is to equip companies for growth and change.