Trenegy to Sponsor Host Analytics World 2014 Conference
On May 2, 2014


Trenegy Inc. is pleased to announce its Gold Partnership with the Host Analytics World 2014 Conference, held in San Francisco, Ca. on May 5-8, 2014.

The conference provides a forum for Host Analytics customers, executives and partners, like Trenegy, to gather and share capabilities and strategies that help businesses grow to new levels of efficiency, productivity and performance.

The Trenegy team will guest speak on the subject of “Maximizing ERP Value with Planning and Forecasting.” The session will focus on Trenegy’s leading approach to joint Host Analytics-ERP Implementations. This joint approach accelerates ERP value by leveraging Host Analytics’ reporting flexibility.

Additionally, Trenegy will host a “birds of a feather” round-table discussion titled “Ripping off the Band-Aid: Getting by Without Support,” to share its insights and unique training methods used to ensure tenant success once support leaves.

Founded by ex-Big Four Consulting Partners and senior industry professionals, Trenegy offers a deep knowledge in finance, technology, organization alignment and operations. Trenegy’s growth has been supported by adding experienced individuals from the industry and by recruiting from top universities.

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