Trenegy Guest Teaches at LSU and A&M
On August 7, 2014


On Thursday, Nov. 20, Trenegy team members will travel to Louisiana State University to guest-lecture Dr. Dan Rice’s senior-level Strategic Marketing class for the third consecutive semester.

Trenegy leads Dr. Rice’s students through highly strategic case studies, which aim to teach students how to use data, critical thinking, and mathematical evidence to make informed business decisions and deliver recommendations regarding issues such as target markets and service-offering strategy. In addition to Trenegy’s guest teachings in Dr. Rice’s class, Trenegy team members have also led case studies for an LSU MBA class and multiple Texas A&M business courses.

These case studies demonstrate to various majors how their educational background, strategic mindset, and personality types can be advantageous in the Management Consulting industry. Feedback from students and professors at both universities has been overwhelmingly positive, as students express curiosity and interest in Management Consulting—a field many of them had never fully understood or considered as a career path before.

Trenegy will be on-campus at LSU and Texas A&M during the fall semester to participate in Career Expos and Networking Receptions, where we hope to recruit bright new talent to the Trenegy team.

Trenegy was formed by ex-Big 4 Partners to equip oil and gas companies for growth and change. We have a strong team that believes in giving back to the community and creating a great place to work.

To learn more about what Trenegy does, watch our Whiteboard Video HERE.

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