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Client Situation

A rapidly growing exploration and production company made a large acquisition of properties to expand their portfolio. The company made the decision to integrate the systems and processes utilized by the prior owner in managing the acquired properties. The company was tasked with integrating the new systems and training employees on how to utilize the various tools within a very tight timeframe. The company was also juggling many competing initiatives at the same time.

Our Response

Trenegy was approached by the company’s CIO to assist with the integration activities. Trenegy walked the CIO through a proven project management approach that could be utilized to assist the company with successfully integrating the acquired properties within the required timeframe. Throughout the integration, the Trenegy team assisted the company with developing an integration work plan, tracking status of key milestones, and facilitating communication between organizational leadership, software vendors, and key process owners.


With project management tools and Trenegy’s help, the company was able to integrate all of the systems required to manage the newly acquired properties. The integration efforts were completed on time and the company was prepared to take over operations of the acquired properties once the transaction services agreement expired.