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Client Situation

A multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotech company spun off their performance chemical manufacturing division into a separate company. While the new company no longer had to deal with the complexities of the larger corporation, they realized their customer base quickly shifted outside the company.  As a stand-alone company, management realized they needed to design and build for purpose processes for predicting customer sales, modeling commodity price impacts and planning production requirements.

Our Response

The management team hired Trenegy to design a data model and business process around their sales, operations, financial and pricing requirements. Ultimately, this required the company to shift from a spreadsheet-driven sales and operations planning process to a more robust system to be integrated with their ERP environment. Trenegy’s implementation team spearheaded the effort by designing a system blueprint that fit the company’s sales and operations planning, pricing modeling and financial reporting requirements. The team developed and executed a project plan to build, test and launch the new software, while streamlining business processes to support the new system. During the development phase, Trenegy worked closely with key employees to create sales, demand planning, pricing, and cash flow models, in addition to reports that would give operations, finance and sales the information they need for running the business.


The new systems and processes created a unified and streamlined demand planning, sales and operations planning, and pricing modeling process. This allowed the company to optimize capacity, reduce excess inventory, and gain a sizable margin increase with improved visibility into pricing performance.