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Client Situation

An offshore drilling company’s investors were concerned about the increase in rig incidents and the impact on safety, reputation and company value. The CEO recognized the investor’s concerns had to be addressed with major improvements to the company’s current safety and quality programs. This would require better visibility into rig activities and procedures to ensure safety practices were followed.

Our Response

The CEO hired Trenegy to review the company’s overall quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) strategy execution. Trenegy quickly identified issues with task planning and execution when they dug into the processes and spoke with key field personnel. Through interviews, workshops and process analysis, the team discovered rig crew members had limited involvement in the planning and risk assessment processes. They found the required QHSE paperwork was overwhelming and difficult to maintain, and there was poor communication on the rigs. Trenegy proposed recommendations to improve the task planning and execution process and provided a roadmap for how to achieve higher standards and reduce rig incidents.


The company implemented Trenegy’s proposed changes, resulting in a safer rig environment and guaranteed, measurable results. Enforcing the new policies and processes positioned the company to recover their tarnished reputation and maintain high company value. Rig supervisors were able to get out of the office to actively supervise their crews. The new processes included the ability to plan jobs in advance, which allowed time for the crew members to assess and communicate risks for each scheduled job. In addition, manual processes were eliminated, allowing rig supervisors to actively supervise their crews and ensure safety requirements were met. Employees were safe, clients had renewed trust, and investors were confident in the future of the company.