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Client Situation

A manufacturing and distribution company embarked on a major project to standardize key maintenance processes across the company. The CEO and COO quickly realized that the procurement organization and processes were not properly aligned with the refurbishment and equipment maintenance programs. The company asked Trenegy to perform an assessment to identify areas for aligning procurement, refurbishment management, and maintenance to ensure needed equipment and spare parts were obtained within the right quality and schedule parameters.

Our Response

Trenegy’s team began the project by assessing the refurbishment, maintenance and supply chain organizations across North America. The assessment revealed a management structure that operated independently—in business unit and geographic silos. This created excess work to consolidate refurbishment and maintenance information, disparate quality requirements, and lengthy approval processes. The misaligned organizational structure, processes and systems negatively impacted refurbishment schedules and reduced reliability. Trenegy developed a more tightly integrated and aligned procurement, refurbishment management and maintenance organizational structure. New processes and systems were deployed to support day-to-day activities.


Procurement and operations worked more closely together across the refurbishment and maintenance lifecycle, starting with initial planning. This allowed the company to standardize key operational processes and reduce the number of spare parts in maintenance inventory. The organization was able to complete most refurbishments on time and on schedule. Maintenance costs were reduced because higher quality spare parts were obtained at a combined discount and equipment up-time was increased by more than 15%.