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Client Situation

The CEO of a global offshore drilling contractor was concerned with the ability to retain qualified resources. Inadequately staffed crews would jeopardize contract fulfillment and dissatisfied personnel would reduce quality of service. The CEO recognized an immediate need to address retention issues.

Our Response

The CEO hired Trenegy to evaluate the Hire-to-Retire process and identify issues affecting employee satisfaction. Trenegy interviewed key personnel throughout the organization to measure their processes and current state issues against industry best practices. The interviews revealed an overly complex payroll structure. Global regulations and a rotational workforce model made it difficult to pay employees correctly. Trenegy developed a roadmap to address and implement the recommended initiatives: standardize global payroll, simplify time entry processes, and develop a strategy to outsource payroll processing.


Trenegy’s recommendations minimized the risk of incorrectly paying employee wages, allowing the company to retain talent. In addition, outsourced payroll processing provided an opportunity to cut costs. The CEO engaged Trenegy to manage the roadmap of initiatives after seeing potential for growth and success as a result of the team’s recommendations.