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Client Situation

The leadership team of a rapidly growing oil field services company was being pressured by the board to increase revenue by decreasing equipment downtime. The company had signed a number of contracts that would lead to 100% utilization over a 9 month period. Maintenance tracking was paper based, making it very difficult to coordinate equipment downtime with customer schedules. The CFO hired Trenegy to select and implement an asset tracking and maintenance system to help reduce unplanned downtime.

Our Response

Trenegy conducted interviews with the process owners and involved parties from the different office locations and business segments to gather procedural steps, policies, and end to end overviews of the asset tracking and maintenance process. The project team combined feedback received during these meetings with best practice processes to develop future state processes and business requirements. The team used the requirements to select and implement a new asset tracking and maintenance system. Dispatchers, asset managers and mechanics were trained on the new processes and systems.


The new processes and systems helped the company reduce unplanned downtime by more than 96%. Equipment maintenance schedules and locations were easily identified by roving mechanics, making it easy to keep the assets properly maintained–increasing reliability and revenue.