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Trenegy helps our clients get value out of their organization and systems. Our case studies illustrate client success stories. Please let us know if you would like to learn more by going to the contact page above.

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Client Situation

An international supply and distribution company experienced rapid growth through a series of acquisitions. The company planned to increase acquisitions in the near future but could not support increased growth with its current structure, processes, and outdated systems environment. Management decided the first priority was to implement a new ERP system to integrate and support its international finance and operations functions. Company executives engaged Trenegy to identify an ERP solution that could be leveraged across international and domestic subsidiaries, while allowing for fast and easy rollout for all future acquisitions.

Our Response

Trenegy was hired to guide the company in identifying a solution to best serve its complex international operations. Trenegy worked with management to design a future state organizational structure and identify key changes to processes. These changes were translated into critical requirements, which helped drive a short list of ERP options. Trenegy developed client specific process demonstration scripts to guide and score vendor functionally, then developed a roadmap for execution.


The company was able to choose a comprehensive solution to support its long term growth strategy and complex business processes. Trenegy assisted the company with vendor negotiations to ensure a viable and cost-effective implementation. The detailed business case gave senior management and executives confidence that the organization structure, processes and new system could support future acquisitions. Trenegy was asked to facilitate and manage implementation efforts with the selected vendor.