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 Client Situation

A multi-billion-dollar global manufacturing company was recently acquired by one of the largest private equity firms in the world. The private equity firm appointed new executives with the hope of a complete business transformation. The current organization was operating in silos, which resulted in a lack of communication between IT and the other business functions. This led to inefficient cybersecurity practices across the organization and lack of effort toward cybersecurity improvements.

Our Response

The new CIO asked Trenegy to work with the Director of Infrastructure and Security to develop a global cybersecurity strategy. Trenegy began by establishing critical requirements, collecting an inventory of global systems and mapping areas of risk to perform a cyber risk assessment. In addition to firewalls and antivirus software, the team found cross-functional security training to be an area of weakness. The lack of employee training was a result of the silo mentality. Trenegy recommended an end-user cybersafety awareness program, which would help mitigate risk at a low cost and ensure IT and the business function like a team. Trenegy also encouraged the company to outsource some cybersecurity to a third party provider to mitigate and transfer risk. The team then developed a roadmap to implement the developed strategies.


The client used the roadmap developed by Trenegy to implement the new cybersecurity strategy. The client launched the end-user cybersafety awareness program and achieved synergies across the business functions. Additionally, strong policies and procedures were established and followed by the organization. Infrastructure and systems were improved to prevent and detect future cyber-attacks. The new cybersecurity strategy ultimately led to significant cost savings and a lower risk of cyber-attacks.