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Trenegy helps our clients get value out of their organization and systems. Our case studies illustrate client success stories. Please let us know if you would like to learn more by going to the contact page above.

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Client Situation: The CFO of a global oil and gas drilling company was spearheading a large scale ERP system implementation for the company. The company was about to rollout SAP’s HR, Finance and self-service modules. The CFO was well aware of similar implementations within the industry that had failed due to employee resistance. With such a complex implementation at hand, he was concerned that the organization would reject the new system and the project would be a failure, costing the company millions of lost dollars.

Our Response: The CFO hired Trenegy to help the organization transition to the new ERP system as each module was released. Trenegy’s team conducted an in-depth assessment of the organization to identify how the changes would impact each function within the business. Based on this evaluation, they developed a comprehensive communication plan for management to use in guiding the organization through the impending changes. They also planned and coordinated employee training on the new systems by developing training materials, preparing trainers and providing support during the training process.

Result: The communication plan provided a clear and consistent framework for the CFO to introduce the new ERP system to the organization without resistance from employees. The training plan allowed employees to ease into the new system without the frustration that is typical of most implementations. Overall, an effective execution of the communication and training plans led the company to a quick and simple system rollout, avoiding what would have been a challenging and painful process.