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Client Situation

A publicly-traded, leading global provider of digital technology solutions implemented a new ERP system. The system intended to simplify daily processes, but the current field ticketing software was not compatible with the new ERP. This presented the potential for significant billing challenges, such as duplicate entry by field techs and AR billing clerks. The duplicated orders would result in increased billing disputes and longer DSO. To eliminate these issues, the company sought alternative field ticketing software options.

Our Response

The CFO hired Trenegy to identify a  field ticketing solution and manage the software implementation. With expertise in fit-for-purpose ERP systems, Trenegy selected a package that fell within budget and satisfied two main requirements: ERP integration and offline accessibility. Trenegy held blue-printing sessions with cross-functional teams to determine current-state and future-state requirements for a field ticketing tool. A development team built and tested the tailor-made solution in conjunction with the new ERP. During the test phase, the team assessed compatibility and isolated areas of improvement. Trenegy trained all service coordinators and field technicians on the new software and rolled it out with the launch of the full ERP.


The implementation and launch of the integrated field ticketing software eliminated the need for duplicate entry by AR billing clerks and enforced standardization among field technicians in all regions. Billing disputes decreased, which in turn, decreased DSO. Managers could better track the amount of service calls per customer, service calls per technician, types of services being performed, and equipment by site. Enhanced data visibility improved operational reporting overall.