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Client Situation

After a series of acquisitions, The CEO of a global drilling company recognized that his company’s operations were hindered by a lack of consistency. The new organization now had too many layers of management. This created a slow and painstaking process for critical decisions that impacted operations and employee safety. The organization had lost sight of its true focus – operations. To fix this, the CEO planned to overhaul operations through an enterprise reorganization and process consolidation effort.

Our Response

The CEO hired Trenegy to facilitate his management team through a process that would define a single company Global Operations’ integration strategy and establish governance over implementation process. The Trenegy team facilitated a two-day workshop that brought together leadership from all aspects of the business and legacy companies. The team used Trenegy’s ACE method to help management leverage their diverse backgrounds in redesigning Operations’ strategy. After management formulated the strategy, they used the same approach to establish a governance model that would provide control for the reorganization process.


Trenegy’s process allowed management to develop an Operations’ strategy and governance model from a perspective that included best practices from each of the legacy companies. The results of the process were powerful – the reorganization process sought to eliminate unnecessary layers of management and improve customer service. This allowed Operations to focus on what the customers expect – drilling.