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Client Situation

A global company, specializing in the construction and installation of floating oil production and storage vessels, recognized that it did not have adequate Cybersecurity in place to protect assets and intellectual property while still complying with COBIT 5. The company hired Trenegy to identify and to address weaknesses in their existing Cybersecurity program.

Our Response

Trenegy collaborated with the company’s key stakeholders to understand the current Cybersecurity approach. The Trenegy team worked with IT to develop a Cybersafety roadmap to strengthen the technical environment. Key business functional areas were engaged to increase employee awareness and to adopt the defined Cybersafety program, which was rolled out and implemented across the globe. Additionally, Trenegy developed a communication plan to facilitate the implementation of the new Cybersafety policies and procedures and to aid in change management, as the organization worked to actualize the new Cybersafety plan.


As a result of this project, the company documented and implemented a global Cybersafety program, protecting their assets and intellectual property, while also successfully passing their Internal Audit testing. The Trenegy team helped train end users to become more cyber aware and to prevent breaches. Even as hacking attempts continue to evolve and change, the company will be protected, as they adhere to the Cybersafety policies and procedures.