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Trenegy helps our clients get value out of their organization and systems. Our case studies illustrate client success stories. Please let us know if you would like to learn more by going to the contact page above.

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Client Situation

A global manufacturing company was faced with competitive challenges, causing revenue declines in strategic growth areas. Customers were demanding global visibility into product availability, pricing, positioning, and product information. The company was not able to support customer demands due to the organization’s silos and lack of digital capabilities.

Our Response

 Trenegy was brought in to develop a strategy for addressing the customer demands, securing their customer base, and providing a platform for commercial growth. The Trenegy team worked with Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Customer Service Leads to assess goals, processes and current state issues in comparison to manufacturing industry best practices.

The team identified improvements that could be implemented quickly, or “quick hits,” and long term recommendations to achieve the company’s global sales and revenue goals. Trenegy developed a roadmap that included implementing pricing and product management centers of excellence. This included creating a global price book to simplify the pricing and quoting processes, as well as developing a new platform strategy, allowing end customers to understand product capabilities and collaborate on a common platform.


The client was able to improve global communication and customer retention, reduce pricing errors, increase overall sales and margins, and ensure quoting process efficiency with its new organizational structure. A key part of the improved communication was the addition of a best-in-class platform that improved customer satisfaction through visibility into upcoming orders and immediate feedback on potential issues.