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Trenegy helps our clients get value out of their organization and systems. Our case studies illustrate client success stories. Please let us know if you would like to learn more by going to the contact page above.

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Case Study 4  Merger-2Client Challenge: A rapidly growing exploration and production company made a large acquisition of domestic oil and gas properties to expand their portfolio. Our client needed to integrate the new systems and train their employees on how to use the new tools within three months.

Trenegy Response: Trenegy developed an integration work plan, managed the system and process migration, and conducted system training. We tracked the status of key milestones and facilitated communication between organizational leadership, software vendors and key process owners.

Results: Our client was able to integrate all of the systems required to manage their expanded portfolio. The merger integration efforts were completed on time, and the company was prepared to take over operations of the acquired properties by year-end. Our client produced consolidated financial statements in a consolidated system environment with no audit issues.