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Trenegy is a management consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas equipping companies for growth and change. Our founders are ex-Big Four partners with experience helping global companies get value out of finance, operations and technology.
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A Day in the Life of Patricia

Patricia is a Manager, leading a global finance transformation project for a large manufacturing company in Denver, Colorado.


PatriciaIt is Tuesday morning in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. I leave my hotel and walk to my favorite breakfast spot to pick up a quick sandwich on my way to work. Typically the goal for Tuesdays is to consume as much coffee as possible and stay awake, but today is different. I am back in Colorado and my exhaustion is eclipsed by the sheer fact that it’s 50 degrees and sunny. After 8 months of commuting to Denver, I am convinced it is impossible to have a bad day in Colorado. Before I walk into the office, I take another look at the snow-capped mountains and remind my teammate “it’s going to be a great day”.

8:00-8:30 am
I turn on my computer, pour a cup of coffee and take the elevator a few floors up to touch base with my client. She and I spend a lot of time working together, as she is the internal project lead and point of contact for the finance transformation project. We discuss our team’s tasks for the day and the workshop we are conducting on Thursday. This will be the first of many times I run by her office over the next 8 hours.

8:30-9:00 am
The Trenegy team gets together to discuss outstanding tasks and a game plan for the rest of the week. Each team member is responsible for a different piece of the project, so it is critical we are all aligned and on task. Suddenly the CFO walks into our conference room and I stop mid-sentence to greet him. He proceeds to tell us an entertaining story from the past weekend that has us all laughing hysterically. Note: it’s a really good thing when the CFO walks in to your team room just to say hello. We are reminded how great of a client we have and how fortunate we are to have daily or weekly interaction with the executives of this company. After he leaves we get back to work.

9:00-11:00 am
I run upstairs for a scheduled meeting with a few client team members. We cover a variety of discussion topics, including the current state finance organization structure and future state operating model. We also walk through the implementation charters each of the team leads will own when we move into Phase II of the project. Getting everyone in the same room proved to be very productive and, before I know it, it is lunch time. Score!

I have one job when 11:00 am rolls around…find a great new restaurant for our team to try for lunch. Today the guys were craving pizza, and I decided not to put up a fight (who am I kidding…I absolutely love pizza). We walked a few blocks to eat at a local pizza shop and ran into a software vendor we worked with on a previous project. Fortunately he is working with a prospective client, so we schedule a lunch the following week to discuss partnership opportunities.

12:00-2:00 pm
It has been a busy day, but I promised my teammate we would walk through our client’s reporting strategy in preparation for our big meeting Thursday. We make good headway on the model and white-board the outstanding tasks we need to accomplish in the next 48 hours. Two hours fly by quickly when you are working with great people (shout out to Julie)!

2:00-3:00 pm
The Spring recruiting season is quickly approaching so I conduct a conference call with the Trenegy campus recruiting coordinators for the upcoming semester. Our recruiting team is full of Trenegy rockstars who have one goal each semester…hire the next generation of great consultants. Ready, set, break!

3:00-4:00 pm
Time to sit down and prepare for Thursday’s workshop. Presentation preparation is critical given that team workshops are important to the success of our project. After an hour of working in PowerPoint, I finish the deck and grab the team for a quick break.

4:00-4:15 pm
The team and I run downstairs to Starbucks. A late afternoon Starbucks break is just what we need to get us through the rest of the day. You’re welcome Starbucks.

4:15-5:00 pm
I enjoy my coffee and finalize the status report for my upcoming call.

5:00 pm
I facilitate our weekly status report with the project team lead in Singapore. I give her an overview of the tasks we accomplished over the past week and we discuss upcoming items and challenges for the week ahead. It is always cool to catch up with team members on the other side of the world. After the meeting I wrap up a few last minute emails and head to the hotel to get ready for a team dinner. Another great day at the office and another great day in sunny Colorado. I am thankful!