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Trenegy is a management consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas equipping companies for growth and change. Our founders are ex-Big Four partners with experience helping global companies get value out of finance, operations and technology.
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A Day in the Life of Joseph

Joseph is an Analyst at Trenegy helping an energy infrastructure firm that recently underwent an IPO manage the resulting organizational, process, and regulatory changes.


Joseph7:30-8:00 AM
Starbucks in hand, I sit down in the team conference room at the client’s headquarters to finish my triple espresso, catch up on emails, and review the day’s project plan.

8:00-9:30 AM
I review and refine the newly designed account analysis documentation that I spent the last week preparing. We had just finished the testing phase of the project, and noted the need to redesign several controls for both effectiveness and efficiency. I have a good feeling about the new process, as it should save management several business days’ worth of time during month end close, and should provide the CFO with some high-quality variance analysis.

9:30-10:00 AM
I swing by the accounting group to bounce some of the ideas off of the “end users” and ensure that we have buy in from the team.

10:00-11:14 AM
We have our weekly formal status meeting with the finance steering committee: CFO, CAO, Controller, and Financial Reporting Director. In the status meeting we share recent accomplishments, upcoming key activities, and the project timeline. My role in the meeting was to share the control and/or process deficiencies we have discovered, and to help the steering committee feel comfortable that we had a plan to help them bridge the gap. We also briefly touched on the newly designed account analysis process to help preface the meeting we will have with the accounting team after lunch.

The team breaks for an early lunch, where we take the long route to the Shops to make sure we optimize our Pokemon Go opportunities.

Noon-12:30 PM
After lunch, the Trenegy team spends some time touching base with different members of the steering committee one-on-one. We have discussions about the new processes and the strategic vision of the company.

12:30-1:00 PM
I begin preparation for the 1pm account analysis redesign meeting. I want to make sure that I approach this sensitive subject with both tact and assertiveness. To ensure that it goes smoothly, I print out an agenda and the new process flow, and I prepare the conference room for presentation mode.

1:00-2:45 PM
I facilitate the meeting that includes the CFO, Controller, Director of Accounting, and the Senior Accountants. As we dive into the newly designed controls, policies, procedures, and process, all of the participants begin sharing their frustrations with the current process and concerns with the proposed one. We leave the meeting with several action items and discussion points, but with massive amounts of progress. I think that the new process should be live before next month’s close begins.

2:45-3:30 PM
I send a recap email that includes the action items and responsible parties to the team that we just met with, I ensure that our documentation reflects everything that we agreed upon in the meeting, and I take a breath as I go for my afternoon caffeine fix.

3:30-3:45 PM
The CEO of the client stops by the team room to see how the project is going and talk about the upcoming college football season.

3:45-5:45 PM
I begin the redesign of the Foreign Exchange process – one of the last control deficiency redesigns of the project. When I finish updating our control documentation, I sit down with the IT Risk Manager to better understand the new tool being integrated with the system to facilitate the FX process.

5:45-6:00 PM
The team recaps the day, assesses the project progress, and plans for tomorrow.

6:00 PM
The team heads out for happy hour and cigars at the Flying Saucer.