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Trenegy is a management consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas equipping companies for growth and change. Our founders are ex-Big Four partners with experience helping global companies get value out of finance, operations and technology.
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A Day in the Life of Brenna

Brenna is a Senior Consultant at Trenegy, currently working on a Post Merger ERP Implementation.


Brenna5:00-7:45 AM
The alarm goes off. For a split second I contemplate going back to sleep but decide to push through and head to the gym. When I walk out of the gym, I pass by my competition that is just arriving. Always one step ahead…

7:45-9:00 AM
Arrive at the client’s office. I briefly catch up with my teammates to hear about any new restaurant recommendations or workout woes. We’re all pretty close and like to keep up with each other. I check my emails, answering any urgent messages right away, and proceed to look over the project and my own individual task list. I check with my coworkers on any shared tasks to confirm they are not experiencing any roadblocks. After updating my task list for the day, I knock out high priority deliverables first.

9:00-9:30 AM
Grab a second cup of coffee and drop by the Director of IT’s office to brief him on any major roadblocks or accomplishments before our status meeting with the project team. He is our client project lead and I would prefer to never surprise him in a status update.

9:30-10:00 AM
Status update with each business function’s representative on the project team to review the past week’s progress (Land, Revenue, JIB, Accounting, IT, Marketing, etc.). After taking notes on the highlights, I’ll send out a recap to ensure any follow-up tasks are noted and completely on time.

10:00-11:30 AM
Head to my bi-weekly cross-functional IT steering committee meeting, organized for the purpose of making major system decisions in a timely manner. I give an overview of our testing, changes and discuss any outstanding items that need attention.

11:30-12:30 AM
Check my emails and answer any client questions. My teammates and I walk to the downtown tunnels to grab a salad and get a little exercise.

12:30-2:00 PM
Finalize any deliverables that will be reviewed with the client this week. I’ll review the deliverable with my teammates and Project Manager (or Managing Director) to get feedback and incorporate any new ideas. I’ll make necessary changes and send out to the client to review prior to the meeting.

2:00-4:30 PM
I sit with the general accounting and revenue teams to walk through test cases and review testing results. We quickly log any issues that come out of testing, so they can be addressed right away. We find an issue with production volumes and I go back to my desk to identify the root cause of the issue. After identifying the cause, I send over to the software developers to fix and update the issues / resolutions log.

4:30 PM
Continue to put out any fires and respond to emails. I wrap up any high priority tasks and review my task list. I jot down high priorities for the next day and head out to a networking event.