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Trenegy is a management consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas equipping companies for growth and change. Our founders are ex-Big Four partners with experience helping global companies get value out of finance, operations and technology.
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A Day in the Life of Gracilynn

Gracilynn is a Senior Consultant, leading a System Implementation for a growing E&P energy company in Houston, Texas.


Miller,-Gracilynn-IMG_2486-small8:00 AM
Gracilynn arrives at the client offices. She spends a few minutes catching up on emails and reviewing her agenda for the day. She double-checks her personal checklist from the day before and the project plan to ensure that the project progress is still on schedule. Then, she updates the Status Reports accordingly.

9:00 AM
The software consultants arrive for a design session with the client. Gracilynn produces the materials to facilitate the discussion, reviewing previous issues that had arisen in past meetings. These issues should be addressed and their resolutions presented in this session. During the meeting, Gracilynn facilitates the discussion, ensuring all items on the agenda are addressed, decided and documented. By the end of this meeting, the design for the system configuration should appropriately reflect the business requirements of the client.

11:00 AM
The meeting with the software consultants has ended, but Gracilynn holds an informal meeting with the client project team. She works with them to assign responsibilities for each open task and helps the team members prioritize their activities based on their workloads the project dependencies.

12:00 PM
Gracilynn and some of the other Trenegy members of the project team meet for lunch in the downtown tunnels to coordinate on some upcoming events for the project. They are approaching a pivotal milestone in the project, so they are planning a celebratory event for the client, software consultants and Trenegy team. It will be a time to relax with the project team and celebrate the completion of a phase of the project.

1:00 PM
Back at the client site, Gracilynn logs all the notes from the design session and documents each parties’ responsibilities. She will email out all the decisions and upcoming tasks to the meeting participants. Based on the approved decisions in the design session, she will begin completing those action items assigned to her. In preparation for the next meeting, she updates the Status Reports to reflect today’s accomplishments.

2:00 PM
Gracilynn facilitates a conference call with the client VP and project sponsor, client PM, software PM, and Trenegy Managing Director to discuss the current status of the project, to review recent accomplishments, and to assign the outstanding action items for the coming week.

3:00 PM
Based on previously held design sessions, Gracilynn holds an approval meeting with the Controller and his team to confirm the decisions made by the project team accountants. She facilitates the conversation as they review the documentation for the defined accounting processes. She answers the Controller’s questions regarding system functionality and proposed changes to the business process. As the Controller communicates new reporting needs, she documents the requirements to discuss with the software consultants. Concluding the meeting, she guides the Controller and his team to collective decisions for the accounting business processes and reporting needs. She will have a similar meeting with the Land department in Pennsylvania next week.

4:30 PM
After the Accounting approval session, Gracilynn documents the decisions made and communicates them to the software consultants and the project team. She updates her personal checklist and begins working on the outstanding items assigned to her. She also calls one of the accountants in California to confirm the decisions made will meet that business unit’s needs. Much of the afternoon is spent coordinating schedules for the next meeting, discussing unique system design aspects that different roles may require, and developing the deliverables necessary to facilitate the Land approval session next week. Before leaving the office, Gracilynn reviews her schedule for the coming day, ensuring that the necessary deliverables are ready and finalized. She also communicates the new project developments to the client PM and the Trenegy Managing Director.